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Can I Eat Jaggery If I Am Diabetic?

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder. This is caused by lack of insulin in the body. Irregularly rising sugar levels in the body can be fatal for you. More than 400 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes.

The number of diabetic patients in India is also constantly increasing. In this case, everyone who is bothered by the rising level of blood sugar wants to get rid of it. You can buy Medication for Diabetes Control from

Patients with diabetes need to take special care of their catering. Because, it can increase the blood sugar level in the body. This can lead to many serious problems.

Patients with diabetes are advised to consume jaggery instead of sugar, so let us know whether people suffering from diabetes should eat jaggery or not.

Jaggery is nutritious: Health experts believe that in the process of making sugar from sugarcane, all the properties present in it are lost due to crystallization.

On the other hand, in the process of making jaggery, the nutrients found in it are not destroyed. Therefore, jaggery contains many nutritional elements like Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Potassium, Copper and Phosphorus. However, it is not suitable for diabetic patients.

Rich in Sucrose: Molasses is a sweetener rich in nutrients; jaggery contains 65 to 85 percent sucrose. Patients with diabetes are advised to eat food with low glycemic index while glycemic index of jaggery is very high.

In such cases, its excessive intake can prove to be dangerous for diabetic patients. According to health experts, if diabetic patients feel like eating sweets, then only 1 to 2 teaspoons of jaggery will be suitable for these patients. Also, you can consume home grown stevia.

Mention in Ayurveda also: Ayurveda also says that diabetics should not eat jaggery. Ayurveda uses jaggery in the treatment of lung infections, sore throat, migraine and asthma, but even in this ancient method of treatment, it is forbidden for diabetics to eat jaggery.

Replace honey with jaggery: According to health experts, despite being rich in nutrients, diabetic patients should consume organic honey instead of jaggery. Most diabetics have the misconception that jaggery is safe instead of sugar but this is not true. Jaggery can be an alternative to sugar for people who do not have diabetes.

Paneer is beneficial: Things made of paneer are very beneficial for people suffering from diabetes. In this case, people suffering from diabetes can eat sweets made from paneer or even such paneer. It does not cause any significant damage. But keep in mind that you just have to cut back on certain things from your daily diet. With this, extra sugar syrup may not be found in the chutney.

How Often Can You Eat Jaggery Without Harming Your Health?

You should take the same precautions with jaggery as you do with sugar or other sweets. If your blood sugar level is too high then you should not eat jaggery or any dish made from it at all.

However, if you control your blood sugar, sometimes eating a small amount of jaggery will not do any harm.

If you are not able to stop yourself from eating jaggery, then after eating it, try to walk fast for 15 minutes so that your calories are burned and the glucose obtained from it can be used properly by the body.